Transformers have the ability to give the sound a more “musical” behaviour and especially with the ES which outputs many mV RF noise at the frequency of the clock driving it often around MHz these days can benefit even more by cutting down the the RFI, as even tubes have probelms handling such levels of RF. Oh, it’s only Tesla.. You Must read the data sheet for details, it an amazing data sheet It is the same series of ultimate tubes: I have used a pair of Siemens D3a for the first stage in my phono for several years, in both triode and pentode, and each version sounds great. Newer Post Older Post Home. Link to external website, with computer made curves here. I think in preference to his extremely low cutoff and stock digital filter a higher order filter at a higher frequency combined with a slow roll-off filter or no filter is a better choice IME.

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D3a triode

It will be a very interesting shoot-out. Upper box in picture. I may have pushed the limits a little in some cases.


Here is a radio circuit showing 82Volt Anode voltagem, and 7mA plate current. You need to try a bunch of different ones because they all sound different. Can be used at higher voltage.

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By the way – I have a a setup in the making. Somewhere nice on planet dirt Joined: I also tested a 6SN7 cascade driver, like the one used in the Reichert B. S-Version with selected parameters. The metal piece can be removed from the top, using a hot air gun, like you use for troode drying.

Show full thread outline! Oh, it’s only a Tesla. These are tubes that you could use as a single-tube driver for an SET, for example.

D3a triode – Bartola® Valves

These troide the highlight of the art of tube construction. This allows the lower working voltage, yet at lower distortion than the 6L6.

Bypass it with 10nF silver mica or polystyrene non-magnetic please and connect a 10M resistor across to avoid issues with grid emission charging the battery. With 20 tubes per person, All WE had to do, is add more emission. Also, in friode I only tested one tube. With such low voltage and current, they become totally IDEAL for building a battery heated phono amp or pre amp.


This is very powerful tube. I never get such tubes again.

Only unfortunately nobody has them for sale, not even for highest prices. This is why I have all those brands and versions. I preferred it sonically over a battery. That is Euro. Triple Mica Version, gold pins.

So prices are expected to rise further in the years to come. They come d3x of the boxes with shiny pins, and clean print, like new made yesterday.

Electrically comparable, and can be fitted in most EL34 trioxe, but it may need some minimal tuning to get the correct bias. Printed 6N6c, which is Russian for 6V6, they used other letters. Anonymous December 22, at 4: Test Data – Tube curves. If you are interested in the difference, there is a great free source of information for this.